About Me & This Site



I grew up on the east side of Cleveland, moved to Boston, then St. Louis and then the DC area for quite some time. I moved back to NE Ohio, lived in Cleveland Heights, Lakewood and now Cleveland’s west side. You could say I know what it’s like to move and look for a new home☺

Almost 15 years into this full time career in real estate, after private sector work,  and then teaching secondary social studies. My basics: Bachelor of Arts History, Masters in Education.  One thing about being a Realtor®: it’s never boring and there is always something to investigate or learn.

Topics here are a bit flexible but two basic areas are real estate and the communities themselves. Mostly within the borders of Cleveland but I do spread out! Don’t be surprised if I’m posting about something someone is doing in Alabama and I’m thinking maybe we should try this here.

Last point for now: I am not going to put a pop up contact form on my home page or anywhere else on this site. My email address is on every page though, so if you want to reach me that is the best way.

Is there something  you would like me to write about?  A couple questions you might have? Just email me at carolecohen@howardhanna.com