Buying a Multi Family Home In The City of Cleveland

The City of Cleveland does not have a Point of Sale inspection requirement, but if you are purchasing a property as an investment, whether you will be living in it or not, there are things you need to know.

  1. Depending on the neighborhood or even the street your potential purchase is on, the house could be in an Historic District. You would have to make any changes (exterior mostly) based on this fact. It would be good for you to get the details prior to purchasing so you know the facts before it’s yours.
  2. There are zoning requirements for each home in the City. A house you buy could be used, currently, as a three unit rental. Maybe that house is actually zoned two unit. Depending on whether the people in charge of these decisions are looking for more density in the neighborhood or adhering to existing zoning will determine if you need to take one unit off the rental radar, so to speak. This might require taking out a kitchen, for example, if the City/CDC wants it converted back to original zoning usage.

Numbers one and two are good reasons to use a professional Realtor® when looking at and purchasing an investment home. Less surprises (and maybe costs!) to you when all of a sudden you own a home and the City knocks on your door, literally or figuratively.

3. Again, no  Point of Sale inspection on homes in Cleveland but if you rent out a room or a unit in a home (or buy an apartment building) you need to have an Occupancy Permit updated every year. If you own a two family, live in one unit and never rent out the second unit it’s possible you will not have to get a permit. But you need to get that official waiver. Here are two useful links from the City of Cleveland website (which needs updating to make it easier to use and find information, but I digress…)

City of Cleveland Rental Inspection Process  and yes, an inspection to make sure safety for tenants is up to par.

City of Cleveland Rental Application Process

Hope this is useful to you!

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