Can A Web Browser Help Students Learn Writing Skills? Firefox Can

Now that all students are pretty much back in school, writing assignments will be coming due. Whether you are in sixth grade or a junior in high school!  I use Firefox as a web browser and they have this ‘Add On’ page to help students.  It is all free, includes things like grammar help, translation (looks easier to me than Google translate), and my favorite: UnPay Wall. A free add on that allows students to read through research papers (they have millions to choose from, no lie).  And this is free, no payment to download the papers.  I read two papers on the Middle East last month and it cost me almost $40.  Here is the link to check out the Firefox Un Pay Wall add on and other writing skill add ons.   I know there are separate sites that offer similar learning assistance and that’s great, but if you already use Firefox, check it out.

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