Yo Yo Ma’s Identifiable Community May Be The World of Music & The Cello But In Chicago It’s So Much More

Yo Yo Ma has played music all over the World. He makes a cello sound better than any other musician I’ve heard in my lifetime. For the last several years he’s been involved in community building in Chicago. Yes, this all started with him accepting a position through The Chicago Symphony. He became a creative consultant to work with schools, music programs and others to expose young people to the joys of classical music and playing an instrument. It became so much more than that (as if that wasn’t enough of a responsibility!)

How well liked is he in Chicago? Check out a recent article in Crain’s Chicago. It was titled Can Yo Yo Ma Save Chicago? He’s Certainly Trying.Ā  A quote:

“I am particularly interested in this third of the country because I think that third has a deep soul, and the soul of the country in many ways stems from what happens here,” he says.

He’s working on revitalizing music programs in the city schools; he’s concerned and involved with programs to present alternatives to gun violence. He even reaches out to prisoners. By visiting with them and their families and playing music for them. How cool is that? He also does concerts as fundraisers for organizations that work with at risk youth.

Read the article and see just what community means to Yo Yo Ma. And if you get a chance to listen to his music, oh my goodness do not pass that up. Here is a two minute snippet from youtube.


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